St. Louis Rams: Jocks for Justice

In response to the most heated and controversial issue in the US right now, the murders of unarmed black men by white police officers, protests have taken many forms.  Violent riots broke out in Ferguson, MO as after Darren Wilson had not be indicted.  After the chokehold death of Eric Garner in New York, Al Sharpton arranged a more peaceful protest, a national march in Washington DC.  Even those who didn’t physically participate in demonstrations still voiced their opinions via social media; the hash tag #blacklivesmatter began trending on Twitter.  While obviously looting stores and violent demonstrations don’t solve anything, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and should be allowed to voice this opinion if not inflicting harm on others.  However, last Sunday, when St. Louis Rams players made a grand gesture during player introductions, there was a lot of outrage. Continue reading St. Louis Rams: Jocks for Justice


Freedom of Expression: Where Do We Draw the Line?

Today, in the information age, everyday people have the power to reach wide audiences nationally and internationally at very little expense. Individual voices have more meaning. If you post your thoughts/ opinions online in the forms of blogging, comments or social media pages, almost everybody has access to it. Think about the role that social media and the web had in the Middle East during the Arab Spring. Young people used the web to start a revolution. The web and one’s voice are very powerful tools that have the potential to create drastic changes in our world. Not only does the internet allow for people to have their voices heard, but it also gives them a lot more freedom to say what they want to say because they are hidden behind the safety of their computer screen. Continue reading Freedom of Expression: Where Do We Draw the Line?