With Time Comes Change

Stereotypes, perceptions, rules, what is considered socially acceptable, etc. all mold over time periods. During the Civil Rights Movement it was seen as okay to be racist because that was what was being debated. Now it is very unacceptable to see someone’s life as less important than yours because of the color of his or her skin. During Women’s Suffrage it was okay to not want women to be able to vote, but now if one were to express these feelings they are the minority group and therefore it is not seen as socially acceptable. Those perceptions have completely changed with the molding of society.

Not only do perceptions change but rules do as well. With new advances in technology, sports have changed throughout time. Ice hockey used to be played with “block of wood for a puck” and “all players [had to] play the entire game.” Nowadays a puck is made of “vulcanized rubber” and substitutions are allowed. So because rules have been altered is that not still hockey? Do changes result in a new sport, or is it close enough to the original that it can still be considered the same?


The sport also has evolved with time with the increasing amount of medical knowledge. The technology of the helmets and pads is much different now than it was when the game first began and new rules have been imposed in order to help keep the players safer. Slashing, tripping, and high sticking are all illegal because they are dangerous and as players get stronger and faster every year those actions become more consequential. Every year new athletes replace the old and come in stronger and fitter. It is necessary that the rules change as people change.200-4

John Stuart Mill, a philosopher and supporter of utilitarianism, “was a strong believer in freedom, especially of speech and of thought.” He also “believed that freedom was required for each person’s development as a whole person.” Imposing new rules on a game would be against what he believes. But would all sports with rules be against what he is for?

Sports such as rock climbing and skydiving represent his ideals in which there are no rules. The ‘rules’ of these sports are determined by the individual who is partaking. Everything in those sports is for personal gain and helps one develop into who they are. They are generally sports for those who define themselves as adrenaline junkies because they can severely injure themselves doing these activities. Throughout time the technology of equipment has improved for people who rock climb and skydive but overall there has been no ‘rule changes’ or anything restricting them fro being free. Organized team sports require more regulation because it is not just one person, it is a whole team working together towards the same thing. Mill definitely would have been more of a solo sport guy than a team sport player.