Response to “Sports as a medium for Support?”

I was injured so bad in an accident on June 24, 2011 that I ‘fell’ into a coma for eight weeks. I had a traumatic brain injury, a punctured lung, broken ribs, and the list goes on. I know everyone reading this post is probably aware of that, but it provides a platform on which I will respond to the above post.

I believe that there is a profound difference between disability and inability. Disability is not being able to perform a given task for health related reasons. Inability is not being able to perform a task because you simply can’t. Once you have the ability to do something, you will never be unable to perform it because of inability. In example, I still have the Ability to play at Michigan, but I have been somewhat Disabled as a result of my injuries, The neurosurgeon who was in charge of me never had to perform any kind of surgery that required the removal of parts of my brain. I still know how to do everything I did before I go hurt, but my brain is still rewiring itself and relearning, so to speak, how to send the signal to my muscles.

I know that all of that is a bit unnecessary to share, but I hope that gives you a different perspective on this issue.

Now, to relate that back to the course, I am playing for Michigan but am still relearning how to play the game at an elite level. My teammates are extremely supportive of me and understand that I face a number of challenges, but they root for me in practice and when I got in the game a few weeks ago against Wayne State and hit a free throw, the reaction of my teammates proved that sports are a medium for support.’

In the eyes of my teammates and coaches, they could care less what kind of career I have here on the court, as it is not what is the most important. However, they expect me to work hard every day and do whatever I can to help us be a better team. Let me tell you, this is easy because when you have the support and love from your teammates and coaches, to me, there really is no other option than to work as hard as you can to make the the team the best it can be.

I am working hard to get my skills back and achieve my goal of being a contributing player here before my career is done and I have the support of many, which has led me to the conclusion that man is inherently good, but if your actions don’t line up with your dreams and goals, you either need to change your actions, or changes your dreams and goals.